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There is nothing embarrassing about filing for bankruptcy. When personal debts have reached an unattainable level, strategic decisions need to be made in order to move on with a successful life in the future.

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Our attorneys and staff are trained to handle bankruptcy filings under Chapter 7 of Title 11 of the United States Code. Chapter 7 is designed for individuals who are unable to service their debts. When appropriately filed, Chapter 7 results in a discharge (or forgiveness) of many types of secured and unsecured debts, and the final court order acts as a shield from creditors attempting to collect those debts. Certain property is exempt from the bankruptcy filing, however other property (if any) may be liquidated by the interim trustee in order to repay priority creditors. Common priority claims are child support, incomes taxes (less than three years old), property taxes and student loans. Call us today to schedule an evaluation of your case so that you can take the right steps to move on with your life.