“My name is Joseph E. and about a year ago I got into some trouble. What happened is that I’d had too much to drink and I got a DUI.

I had used Peter Soulsby [as my attorney] previously for a DUI case, of which I was happy with the outcome. I hired him again and we made an arrangement with the court for a breathalyzer in my car, so I only lost my license for 45 days [as opposed to a year].

Some people that I know get jail time for their second DUI. Mr. Soulsby made it so it wasn't even on my record. For the approximately five years that I've known Mr. Soulsby, he has always been there instantly if I ever needed anything, no favor is too small to ask of him. Anyone seeking a lawyer should strongly consider Peter Soulsby.” –J.E. (2012)

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