Client Reviews

“After I found myself in trouble facing many charges including illegally transferring a firearm, I thought my goose was cooked and there was nothing that would keep me out of jail. With a bond of $100,000, it looked like I was in for a rough time, until on the advice of a friend, I contacted Pete Soulsby.

Not only did his demeanor and knowledge of the system instantly put me at ease, but I found him easy to work with and very approachable. When all was said and done, my worst nightmare had turned into only a few months of probation.

I am very grateful for Pete’s help and should the need ever arise again he will be the first person I call.” –S.M. (2010)

By Ryan | DUI

“My name is Joseph E. and about a year ago I got into some trouble. What happened is that I’d had too much to drink and I got a DUI.

I had used Peter Soulsby [as my attorney] previously for a DUI case, of which I was happy with the outcome. I hired him again and we made an arrangement with the court for a breathalyzer in my car, so I only lost my license for 45 days [as opposed to a year].

Some people that I know get jail time for their second DUI. Mr. Soulsby made it so it wasn’t even on my record. For the approximately five years that I’ve known Mr. Soulsby, he has always been there instantly if I ever needed anything, no favor is too small to ask of him. Anyone seeking a lawyer should strongly consider Peter Soulsby.” –J.E. (2012)

By Ryan | Bankruptcy

I was referred to your law firm by a family member when I needed legal advice on filing for bankruptcy. You were assigned to my “account” after our first consultation.

From that first meeting, up until the time the bankruptcy was finalized, you were always available to clarify the process. More importantly you were there to guide me, lend support and listen to any concerns. Your calm demeanor and sincere attitude was very much appreciated. I am somewhat of a procrastinator and I know that must have been frustrating so I want to thank you for your patience and kindness and above all, your professionalism.

I wouldn’t hesitate referring my friends and family to your firm if they ever needed legal advice or representation.

Thank you Audra!” –J.L. (2011)

By Ryan | Personal Injury

“I would like to thank you for handling my slip and fall personal injury law suit. At first, I didn’t want to pursue [it], but am very happy that I did. I found your firm amiable, proficient, and consistently available throughout the process of my case. Your good work resulted in a very satisfactory settlement and I will recommend your firm [to] anyone I know. Thanks again!” -T.M. (2013)

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